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Nutrabolics IsoGainer - Raspberry *Exclusive Size!*, 6 lb
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The Lean Mass Stimulator
The Lean Mass Stimulator

  • 60 grams of Specially-Formulated Sustained Release Protein Matrix*
  • 88 grams of Quality Complex Carbohydrates*
  • Designed to Promote Rapid Post-Workout Recovery*
  • Designed to Support Lean Muscle Gains*
  • Contains ALA to Support with Nutrient Deposition*
  • Amazing Taste*

If you want to gain muscle without gaining fat you need to feed your body exactly what it needs to support growth. ISOGAINER™ is a scientifically advanced lean mass stimulator designed to catalyze precision gains in lean muscle mass. This advanced formula hits hard with a massive 60 grams of protein per serving thanks to our signature penta-stage, triple isolate protein matrix. These protein polymers release at different speeds in your body which keeps you anabolic for up to 8 hours!

In addition to this unique protein technology, ISOGAINER™ is enriched with an advanced complex carbohydrate blend made from barley, oats, oat fiber, and glucose polymers to help support glycogen replenishment, insulin output and optimal energy levels. Unlike old school gainers made with loads of fat-storing sugar, this complex carbohydrate blend time-releases in the body, which helps keep your blood glucose and insulin levels stable. To balance out the macronutrient profile, the formula includes Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), which work to promote natural testosterone production and elcosanoid production. Eicosanoids exert control over many bodily functions, including inflammation and immunity.

ISOGAINER™ is also engineered with 2,500 mg of our Anabolic Activating Matrix. This ultra-concentrated complex contains the insulin potentiator K-R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (K-R-ALA), and Argine Ethyl Ester which helps support Nitric Oxide production. The ethyl ester molecule added to Arginine makes it less polar, allowing it pass through the intestine largely intact. The ethyl ester also protects against rapid degradation, making it more effective when combined with the other ingredients like Taurine and Glutamine Peptides which have been added for their ergogenic effects.


Q. How does ISOGAINER™ work?
A. In order to gain only lean tissue, you need to hone in on your nutrition in two critical ways: 1) Increase caloric intake slightly above calories being burned without engaging fat storage, and 2) Add micronutrient dense calories into your diet at the optimal ratios needed to trigger anabolic growth processes in the body. ISOGAINER™ has been developed to help you meet these two criteria. Each serving delivers 691 muscle-building calories in a convenient, easily digested, great tasting shake!

Q. If I want to build size, can’t I just consume more calories of anything?
A. Not exactly. While upping your caloric intake is certainly a priority, you still need to watch where those calories come from. All bodybuilders want to be bigger – but leanness is important too. By using ISOGAINER™, you’ll get just the right combination of superior protein, complex carbs, and all the right fats to help you gain lean muscle.

Q. What types of protein can I find in ISOGAINER™ and how do they work?
A. ISOGAINER™ contains our penta-stage blend of 3 of the highest-quality protein sources available. The first 2 advanced isolates in ISOGAINER™ are cross-flow micro-filtered whey protein isolate, and whey protein hydrolysate. These proteins are known for their increased bioavailability and speed of absorption, and will go to work on your damaged muscles almost instantly. The third isolate of the blend is micellar casein. Studies on this last protein source have shown that it maximizes net nitrogen retention, absorption efficiency, and protein synthesis – all at the same time. Micellar casein also behaves like tissue protein (chicken, beef, etc.) because it congeals in the stomach. This gradual breakdown process elicits a time-released effect in the body.

Q. Who should use ISOGAINER™?
A. ISOGAINER™ is ideal for bodybuilders and other athletes looking to only gain pure muscle without additional mass. If you want quality muscle tissue gains, look no further than this lean gainer. If you’re a hard-gainer and can’t gain weight no matter how much you eat, you should use our mega-calorie mass gainer MASS FUSION™. Both are great products for building muscle, but they are designed for different body types.


BENEFIT: Helps you gain lean muscle mass.
SUPPORT: Many ambitious bodybuilders keeping rigourous training routines can slip into catabolism (muscular deconstruction) when their body is exerting energy demands that can't be met due to a lack of available protein. It’s a balancing act - eat too little you don’t gain, eat too much you gain muscle and fat. ISOGAINER™ provides the precision needed for this careful science with its superior profile of premium fuels and nutrients that will help you build lean muscle mass.

BENEFIT: Designed to accelerate post-workout recovery.
SUPPORT: Glycogen is stored in your muscles and is used to fuel muscle contractions during your workouts, making it almost as critical as protein when it comes to training and recovery. ISOGAINER™ works to maintain energy stores in the body through it's multi-stage complex carbohydrates. These elements time-release upon consumption and support slow and steady blood glucose levels and continuous glycogen formation.

BENEFIT:Provides a constant supply of high-quality protein.
SUPPORT: To promote lean tissue synthesis and accumulation (anabolism), ISOGAINER™ delivers a massive 35% of its total calories (60 grams) from a specific range of protein sources for a constant supply of muscle-building amino acids.

BENEFIT: Prompts a “nutrient-sparing effect.”
SUPPORT: ISOGAINER™ was designed with carefully balanced essential fats that spare the use of carbohydrates and proteins for energy. This helps the body allocate protein and complex carbohydrates to be used for their intended purposes - muscle growth and replenishing glycogen stores.

NOTE: Nutritional information and ingredients may vary from flavour to flavour.

Suggested Use:
For a rich creamy shake, mix 3 scoops (179g) in 15 to 17 full ounces of ice cold water. For superior results, use 2 servings daily; 1 serving for breakfast and 1 serving post-workout. On non-training days, use 1 serving for breakfast or anytime throughout the day.


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