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Fusion Bodybuilding XFRAME
The Perfect Pump


Perfecting the Pump

Want mind-blowing pumps like these? It all starts with XFRAME®, a maximum muscle volumization supplement that creates bigger, better pumps every time. Take XFRAME about 45 minutes before hitting the gym and judge for yourself. With every last push and pull of the weights, your muscles will contract like never before, creating the kind of volume that will make you never want to train without it.

The Power of XFRAME

Here’s the deal: We’ve been in the business of creating scientifically advanced supplements since 1998, and we take our job pretty seriously. XFRAME is no exception. To ensure maximum effectiveness, we’ve amplified the formula with three powerhouse ingredient complexes – the Perfect Pump Complex, the Muscle Energy Complex and the Muscle Function Complex.

It starts with our Perfect Pump Complex. By containing amino acid blends such as L-citrulline malate and L-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (or AAKG for short), the Perfect Pump Complex is all about boosting nitric oxide (NO) production. As you may or may not already know, NO production is crucial to getting that hard, pumped look you want. The more NO in your system, the more blood flow to your muscles during exercise. This increases muscle diameter and vascularity, and can even create longer lasting pumps. We’ve also added beet root extract to the mix, which plays a powerful role in enhancing NO levels, increasing muscle blood flow and reducing soreness. With our Perfect Pump Complex ingredients working so hard together, you can expect heightened performance, less fatigue and faster recovery.

Next, our Muscle Energy Complex helps you gain energy and build muscle with greater ease. One way is through increased insulin efficiency, which supports healthy blood sugar levels and ensures glucose is stored in your muscles, not in your fat cells. (You can thank the chromium picolinate in this complex for enhancing your body’s insulin efficiency and helping to replace fat with muscle). Meanwhile, L-aspartic acid is known for its testosterone-boosting effects, whilevitamin B6 aids in the utilization and breakdown of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Bottom line? With the Muscle Energy Complex, your body becomes a highly energized, well-oiled muscle-building machine.

Lastly, XFRAME wouldn’t be complete without its Muscle Function Complex. Its key ingredients – magnesium oxide andvitamin C – help improve athletic performance so you can continually squeeze out more reps and get the most from your workouts. They also aid in muscle growth and repair, so you can come back stronger each time.

To sum it all up, with XFRAME you can expect:

  • Increased muscle pumps and vascularity
  • Better muscle function and endurance
  • Enhanced recovery after workouts
  • Improved muscle protein synthesis


Want to learn more? Check out the FAQ below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why does it matter that XFRAME is a good source of amino acids?

A. You’ve probably heard people call amino acids the “building blocks of muscle,” and it’s for a reason. Not only are amino acids the basis for all life processes, they are a key nutrient for muscle growth, muscle repair and the reduction of muscle breakdown. Naturally, these three things are on your radar as a bodybuilder. But here’s the glitch: Essential amino acids cannot be made by the body. They must be consumed through foods or supplements … like XFRAME. By containing amino acids, XFRAME makes it easy for you to keep your body in optimal muscle-building mode.

Q. Can I get decent pumps without XFRAME?

A. You’ve said it best with the word “decent.” Sure, you’re bound to get some decent pumps if you’re lifting heavy and exerting lots of energy. We won’t deny that. But is “decent” all you really want? With XFRAME, you can take things a whole lot further by going from good pumps to great pumps.

Q. Can I use XFRAME on non-training days?

A. Yes, XFRAME is safe to use on a daily basis, whether you’re hitting the gym or not. However, you’ll get the best results by taking XFRAME about 45 minutes prior to training. And if you ask us, the gym is one of the best places to showcase your hard-earned muscle.

Q. I read on the product label that XFRAME is manufactured in a cGMP facility. What’s that all about?

A. “cGMP” stands for “Current Good Manufacturing Practices.” These regulatory practices ensure the quality of a product by monitoring its manufacturing, processing and packaging procedures. The whole point is to ensure the product is safeand has the ingredients and capabilities it claims to have (i.e., that what’s on the label is actually inside the bottle). Otherwise, you could be wasting your money on a product that doesn’t work. A company or facility that adheres to cGMP is showing its commitment to safe, effective products.

Q. I’m new to bodybuilding. Should I be taking any other supplements?

A. If you’re looking to make improvements pre-, during and post-exercise, then absolutely! We have a wide range of supplements – each with specific functions, designed to deliver very specific results – that can help you in all facets of your bodybuilding journey.









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